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A web3 native jobs marketplace

Industry Leader about Jobzura

"Adoption is when we start using web 3 for freelance sites like Fiverr"
- Alex Becker

What is Jobzura?

Get jobs and stay anon str or get jobs and identify your business! sta Log in with Metamask str 4% Platform Fee st



  • Log in with Metamask
  • Find web3 talents
  • Pay less in fees
  • Pay in crypto
  • Get invoices to stay compliant


  • Log in with Metamask
  • Stay anon or KYC yourself or your business
  • Get paid in any token
  • Earn more (4% fees vs 20% fees)
  • Get paid on time
  • Get clients on auto-pilot
  • Don’t get your money locked
  • Get invoices to stay compliant


  • Real Yield, no ponzinomics
  • Tokenized Cashflows
Get paid to promote the platform 3 levels, paid forever to users, on buyers & sellers

Exemple : TheMoon refers 10’000 users.
They spend / make on average $200 per users.
TheMoon generate 2M$ in gross revenue, which means upwards of $20’000 (fee is split between buyers and seller) in real yield per month!

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